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Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc.

 DBA Name: Kingdom Commission 28

Reaching All Nations St. Matthew 28: 19-20

Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc.

Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries (DBA Kingdom Commission 28 ) Is  an internationally focused Non-Denominational 

Full Gospel association of  churches, ministries, and ministers, with a cross cultural local,

 regional, and international focus.

We Have 2 Primary Functions

1. To identify, and activate individual Christians in their Spiritual gifts

(Ephesians 4:10-16 /1st Corinthians 12:1-31/Romans 12:3-8), and mobilizes the members of the body of Christ to fulfill their specific God given leadership function both individually and corporately.

2. To aid others in church planting, church leadership development, and evangelistic or missions efforts both in the U. S. and international countries.

Defining Our 2 Primary Functions

 We help individuals to find, identify, and explore their spiritual gifts and callings that God has placed upon their lives beyond the initial phase of becoming a Christian, going to church, and getting involved with the church activities.

There are many Christians who are called to do a work for God whether it's share their faith with friends and family members, co-workers, people of other cultures or religions, etc......

We also help individuals who feel called to the traditional church ministry of evangelism, preaching the gospel, and making disciples but where taught that the only way to be qualified is to obtain an academic degree in ministry and get hired, which is not legally true, especially if you are starting a church, ministry organization, or community outreach as a pioneer.

 We conduct evangelic and church planting efforts, but even more importantly we train and mentor those who are called plant churches whether it's a house Church, a church in the marketplace, or an Incorporated institution.


We do not take over or control the work that God has placed in anyone's life to since Jesus Christ is the head of the church and not a man or organization.

We are here to support inspire encourage mentor and assist those who feel the call of God to do and to serve as a platform for networking, and relationships to form among members of the body of Christ .

Our Structural Purpose

This association is organized and operated exclusively for religious, educational, and charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3), Internal Revenue Code.

This organization is organized to act as an association of churches, and to be a mentoring, training, and coordinating agency for its member churches for the purposes of developing the spirit of Christian fellowship and cooperative mission among the denominations, and churches, and also to include membership, mentoring, training, and networking opportunities for ministries, ministers, and individual Christians throughout the U.S., and the world.

We engage in a number of activities such as provision of clergymen at hospitals, prisons, college campuses etc.…, provide pastoral counseling, coordinated religious educational programs, and coordinated efforts to aid the poor.

We promote through cooperative efforts spiritual, moral, social, and civic welfare, and establish places of worship, teach and preach the gospel to all people, conduct evangelistic and humanitarian outreaches, commission, license and ordain ministers of the gospel, and also engage in activities which are necessary, suitable, or convenient for the accomplishment of God's kingdom (Romans 14:17) being demonstrated on earth.

We are passionate about God's kingdom, and doctrinally sound churches being planted, and expanded both nationally, and internationally.

We not only co-labor with the Holy Spirit of God, his churches, ministry organizations, and ministers throughout the world to evangelize and make disciples, but to also to identify, equip, and release the body of Christ members into their specific local, regional, or international


This includes ministry activation in the the local church, team ministry, and the marketplace.

The marketplace is where most Christians spend at least 90 percent of their lives outside of the church walls, such as the workplace, social groups, businesses, etc...., and where Jesus mission on earth was to reach out, and demonstrated the kingdom of heaven to the lost (St. Luke 5:29-32).

The local church (New church plants/House Churches/Marketplace Churches/Established Churches) is not only a place of fellowship, spiritual nourishment, and community, but also a place where spiritual leaders of different gifting are equipping the believers in their specific gifting, and callings to impact this world with the presents, and power of Jesus Christ, and the kingdom of heaven that he brings with him (Ephesians 4:11-16).

KCCMI currently pursues relationships with individuals, ministry gift leaders, religious organizations, and local churches across denominational, cultural, and geographical boundaries. 

Non-Member Affiliation

 This organization shall be open to form relationships with, and offer training to any church, ministers, 

ministry, or individual whether 

they file a membership application or not with

Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc.

We are focused of building the Kingdom of God on earth and not only and organization with that being said, this organization shall be open to form relationships with, and offer training to any church, ministers, or ministry, whether they file a membership application or not with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc.

The purpose of membership for churches, ministers, ministries or individuals is to provide opportunities for networking, care oversight, commissioning, licensing, ordination, issuing of charters, or mentored 

 by this association.