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Michael Abron is now 43 years old and married to Alita Abron for over 14 years. He started serving the Lord over 24 years ago being delivered from a life of gang banging and hopelessness.

After spending many year of developing his relationship with God, completing theological and ministerial training, and receiving ordination to the ministry, he began a new journey of helping and building hope in the lives of others.

Before being released by the Lord and his church leadership into church planting and pastoral work, he spent 19 years building his home church while working in various areas of outreach, church planting/church development, training youth prophetic/evangelistic ministry teams, and discipleship.

Michael Abron has also served for 16 of those years on the domestic missions ministry team of a local church.

God also blessed him to have an apostolic/missional mentor whose sphere of ministry was primarily in the missions field who had planted over 80 churches throughout the world.

God used these experiences to developed in him a heart to aid and to encourage pastors of other local churches.

This position also gave him an understanding of the challenges, battles, and even disappointments that pastors have to face sometimes in ministry and life.

Michael Abron is a cross cultural missionary member of the Full Gospel Association Of Churches and Ministers International (The Fellowship Network) who is passionate about cross cultural evangelism, church planting, encouraging and strengthening of other pastors and churches, identifying, training, and releasing individuals into their specific spiritual gifts and callings, and training evangelistic/church planting teams for the benefit of local churches, and most importantly, the kingdom of heaven being revealed throughout the world.

Michael Abron has been also extensively training in martial arts and self defense tactics over a twenty seven year period, in which he has earned the rank of master in multiple martial arts. 

His background further includes celebrity bodyguard, government security, and part-time law enforcement work. 

 The knowledge that has been learned while working in these fields has been an extremely helpful tool in reaching people groups of different background and cultures for the kingdom of God.